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"The Wasted Archives: B-Sides & Demos" is a b-side album by Aktual Trashe that features b-sides, demos, rarities, and all around unreleased material. It was originally planned to be released on January 9, 2017 to celebrate the band's one year anniversary, but was released the day the band originally broke up. It features the very first song to start Aktual Trashe titled "I Like Dick (Demo)" and features the very first song Russell made when he decided he wanted a comedy project, titled "Fall Break feat. Google Translate (B-Side)". The tracks on this album trace back to 2015 and go through every albums release in 2016. Songs 3-7 were taken off of their debut album "Take This As Seriously As We Did", tracks 8-10 were taken off of their sophomore album "Simplistic Ideas", and tracks 1, 11-20 were taken off the album "The Mysterious Adventures". All of the songs are nearly in order of when they were made. "Grand Theft Looper" is the first song the band has made that contains a real organic instrument. Tracks "Loser (Demo)", "Rage", and "Sushi" were all completely made by DPM Salt Lord, "Pigeon" completely by newest member Jubal Young, and "Disclaimer" being completely made by Cameron P.

Singles Edit

"Pigeon" - December 13

Tracklist Edit

  1. Dislaimer feat. Ricardo Cunning (B-Side)
  2. Fall Break feat. Google Translate (B-Side)
  3. I Like Dick (Demo)
  4. Salt Mine (B-Side)
  5. Tumblr (B-Side)
  6. RIP (B-Side)
  7. This Song Is Darker Than My Heart feat. Ykid (B-Side)
  8. Tribute to a Girl (B-Side)
  9. Dinklebot (B-Side)
  10. Gotta Spaghetti V2 (B-Side)
  11. Remember When? feat. Ykid (Demo)
  12. The Worst Generation (Demo)
  13. Soulstorm (Demo)
  14. Loser (Demo)
  15. Harambe (B-Side)
  16. Grand Theft Looper feat. Ricardo Cunning (B-Side)
  17. Rage (B-Side)
  18. Question Mark? (Demo)
  19. Sushi (B-Side)
  20. Pigeon (B-Side)