The Jubal Chronicles (2016) Edit

The Jubal Chronicles is a reoccurring entrance/exit of Jubal Young into Aktual Trashe. Many times this has happened in the history of the band; a safe estimate would be around over 50 times. Young was, and will be once more, the third member of the band. He is arguably plays a key role in the band, when he is in the band (which lasts maybe 30 seconds at most each time).,

The Beginning Edit

Nobody truly knows when Young first joined the band, it is safe to assume it happened sometime during the summer months of 2016. It is also safe to assume that Young joined during a game of Minecraft: Xbox One edition. Unfortunately for Young, he was quickly removed from the band due to a mutual decision by DPM and Russell. However Young had interest in joining the band ever since he helped the band record the song "Happy."

The Past Edit

Ever since "Happy," Young has been invited and purged too many times to count. Young currently doesn't know if he is in or not. Nobody knows if he is in currently or out. Young's initial hope of joining the band has died. His mental state is crippled due to his dreams being crushed without remorse. When asked what he thought about the future, Young said "The future...well, the future is nothing to me. I have written the lyrics for 35 songs, and i know that they will never be appreciated. I...I just need a moment." Young died at that moment. Cause of death: second hand smoke. He will not be remembered.

Jubal Chronicles End Edit

Ironically after being in the band for a couple seconds, then kicked out on multiple occasions by Russell and DPM, he was introduced into the band as an official member on December 3rd, 2016.

After releasing, "Pigeon," Jubal's dreams were torn a new asshole due to the band's end. He suffered massive heart failure, and exploded like the death star.

The band is back baby! Edit

Young and Russell brought the band back boys.