Overview Edit

Aktual Trashe's debut album featured 20 tracks and released on May 24, 2016, primarily with Beck on vocals and lyrics. The band often looks down upon this album and has since nearly deleted all of it off of Soundcloud, stating it lacks practically everything a decent album needs. The only place to stream or download the album is their Bandcamp and Youtube. This album features the diss track saga (tracks 1, 9-12), and the first part in the John the Janitor song series. A lot of this album was recorded in Russell's bedroom and shed, with DPM's vocals being recorded through videos on Skype. The band has also explained that many songs were recorded in the middle of the night so they had to be quiet, hence the spoken and quiet lyrics on songs like "Where It All Begins", "Call of Booty", "Wake and Vape". It was also Russell's first time ever recording something with vocals.

Singles Edit

"Dabb On That Bitch" - April 18, 2016

Tracklist Edit

  1. Where It All Begins
  2. Gotta Spaghetti
  3. Wake and Vape
  4. Dabb On That Bitch
  5. Purified Water
  6. Redneck Life
  7. Metal Backbeat
  8. John the Janitor (Pt I)
  9. Salt: Retribution
  10. Ykid: Redemption
  11. Salt: Revenge feat. Jevan Robinson
  12. Ykid: Retaliation
  13. Call of Booty
  14. I'm Not Emo (I Promise)
  15. The One About Politics
  16. I Like Dick
  17. Debbie the Bus Driver
  18. Where the Fuck Are You?
  19. Bros Before Hoes
  20. Ykid: Departure

Credits Edit

Brandon Russell - Mixing, Production, Composing, Programming, Lyrics, Vocals.

Wyhatt Beck - Lyrics, Vocals.

DPM Salt Lord - Lyrics, Vocals.

Jevan Robinson - Lyrics, Vocals (Track 11).

Chase Pruitt - Lyrics (Track 19).

Album cover: Brandon Russell, Wyhatt Beck.