Overview / Events leading up to album Edit

A self titled album and band end after said album had been talked about since the late portion of the last full length (The Mysterious Adventures), but the band broke up in December 2016 after planning on releasing 3 EP's, all individually done by each member. On March 30, 2017 (Russell's birthday), he and previous member Beck talked on the phone and decided they wanted to make another album. That night they mapped out the tracklist and song themes, titled it "Dankness", and made the album cover. Russell began writing immediately after the phone call and the days to come, but Beck didn't follow through with any promises of working on it. Later on, Russell asked DPM if he would want to rejoin and he declined, so he asked Young if he wanted to continue the band, and he accepted. The two had grown much closer than they were in December of 2016 when Young originally joined. In May of 2017 the band officially returned with Russell and Young. The two began writing the self titled and released a short song titled "I Care a Lot" on May 28 on Soundcloud and June 2 on YouTube. The two took a break after that because they were busy that summer. Later, the two decided to do a serious concept album instead with previous member DPM also joining for it. After months of no work done on it, it was decided Russell and Young would follow through with a self titled album instead. With no more work done on this album either, Beck contacted Russell that he was going to be passing through Tennessee and wanted to visit. The two decided to finally make the album "Dankness". The two spent hours writing and recording the album and got all of Beck's vocals done in one night, with the whole album being completed over the course of 6 days. The album released on November 26, 2017 through Blupanote Productions. The album is the last Aktual Trashe album to release before the band's second break up in August of 2018.

Tracklist: Edit

  • "Where It All Continues"
  • "King"
  • "Dankness"
  • "Fourth Dimension"
  • "Real Life"
  • "Zeep Squad"
  • "I Care a Lot"
  • "Blood Rush"
  • "Cloudz"
  • "The Nonicaul Archives II"

Credits Edit

Brandon Russell - Production, Composing, Vocals, Lyrics

Wyhatt Beck - Vocals, Lyrics

Jubal Young - Vocals (Track 7), Lyrics (Tracks 7, 8)

Bobby Real - Lyrics (Track 9)