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Comedy band Aktual Trashe (pronounced simply as "Actual Trash") was proudly formed on January 9, 2016 based out of Clarksville, Tennessee with members Brandon Russell, Donavon "DPM Salt Lord", Wyhatt "Ykid" Beck who joined March, 2016; and Jubal Young who joined in December, 2016. The band writes music for fun, some songs ranging from a variety of random topics, and some others based off of real people or personal experiences. The band dabbled in many genres: rap, rock and metal, electronic, and eventually just referred to themselves as a comedic/satirical band. After Russell left the band on December 18, the three final members decided to end the band and start anew. Young and DPM started "JADE_" which broke up in February, and Russell started "Insignia". Russell also continued his rock/metal instrumental project "confessions" which is currently on an indefinite hiatus. The band has gathered 12.2k streams in total on their SoundCloud as of the beginning of February 2017. In March 2017, the band's return was teased. On May 26, 2017, the band announced its return and new lineup consisting of Brandon Russell and Jubal Young. In November, the band's first album in over a year released titled "Dankness", which almost exclusively features Beck and Russell. In August of 2018, the band was announced officially over on Blupanote's Instagram account.

History (2016) Edit

January-May: Origin, "Take This As Seriously As We Did" Edit

The idea of a comedy group first arose when Russell made a song called "Fall Break feat. Google Translate" in late 2015 as an inside joke. Later on January 9, Russell and his friend DPM (Donavon) who he met online while playing Bungie's "Destiny" the previous year started their first album with songs "I Like Dick", "Purified Water", and a couple others that were later removed or replaced. In March, Beck joined the band with free style rap song "Gotta Spaghetti". After that, Russell and him went on to pull an all-nighter and record 4 songs in two days, setting out to write and record 2 songs every weekend. Often the songs done were in the middle of the night, so Beck had to be quiet while recording. Over the span of 3 months, the band had 27 songs but thought that'd be too much for a satire album, and shortened it down to 20, which has been the average album length since. The other 7 being deleted and removed or changed to a b-side. The single "Dabb On That Bitch" was released on April 18th.

A1426408150 2

The album cover for the band's debut album, "Take This As Seriously As We Did."

This album had the diss track saga, from which diss tracks between Beck and DPM spawned as well as the first song in the John the Janitor series, which has continued every release since. The band's name was changed many times before the release of their debut album, "Take This As Seriously As We Did". Starting as "The Garbage Men" and the album being named "Actual Trash", it was then changed to "Aktual Trashe", which then changed to the bands name, since they believed it was a rather suiting fit for what they want to do with their music. The band released the album in full on May 24, coming in with 1,900+ recorded listens on Soundcloud before the band deleted almost the entirety of the album. The release remains on their YouTube and Bandcamp pages. This album is often looked down upon by the remaining members.

May-July: DPM's Departure and Return, "Simplistic Ideas" Edit

The day after the release of their debut album, Russell and Beck recorded four songs in the course of two days, the four being "Bring Me Home", "Rings", "Epidemic", and "The Arts of Life" for their new album later named "Simplistic Ideas". The two rushed to make a couple songs before Beck moved but he soon came back and they continued the album. Russell and DPM wanted to be included more in this album, and early on started doing songs that don't include Beck's vocals with songs "Real Struggles", "Built This Coop", "Tribute to a Girl", and a song about religion that was never made due to DPM and the group going separate ways early on in the album's recording due to schedule and recording issues. The songs minus "Tribute to a Girl" were kept on the album labeled with DPM being a guest feature.

A0089514457 2

Album cover for the band's sophomore album, "Simplistic Ideas".

On June 3, "Built This Coop" was released as a single, being a parody of blink-182's "Built This Pool". It featured DPM's vocals in it. On June 15, "Bring Me Home" was released as a single, killing the ongoing joke from the last album's ending stating Beck left the band. 24 songs were recorded, one of which was later put onto their third album named "C.O.B V2". On July 3, the band released the album. The album was well received by their friends and listeners on Soundcloud, saying it features a step up in production, song structure, lyrics, vocals, and diversity. The lyrics were primarily written by Russell, and the vocal duties were split almost evenly by Russell and Beck, unlike the debut. On July 24 it was announced that DPM would be returning to the band. Along with DPM's return, the band said they were writing their third album. The album has gathered 4,203 streams on SoundCloud and YouTube as of March 1, 2017.

August-December: Beck's Departure, "The Mysterious Adventures", YouTube, Young's Arrival, Band Breakup Edit

Over the course of August 2 through August 7, the band released three singles titled "Remember When? feat. Ykid", "The Worst Generation" and "Mirrors", all of which have overtime had music videos alongside them on the band's YouTube. The tracks feature a more mature sound compared to their previous work, with more diversity with structure, instrumentals, as well as a more serious approach to songs and more experimentation. Each single featuring only one person's vocals and lyrics on each song. The album name was changed numerous times, starting as "The Mysterious Adventures of Branball's, Salt Lord's, and Ykid's Music Career", to "Growing", "Growing Up" and finally, "The Mysterious Adventures". The album cover also went through numerous changes, starting as a poorly done colored in sketch idea DPM had. Beck was kicked from the group on September 29th due to not working on any songs or communicating with the band. The two songs he's in, he is shown as a guest feature. The band's first ever music video for their single "Michael Perry Complex" was released on September 30.

A1656684059 2

Album cover for the band's third album, "The Mysterious Adventures".

"Loser" was released as a single on October 10 alongside a music video. This album marks the first time somebody else has done work with production and instrumentals, with DPM writing the instrumental for "Loser", doing his own vocal production, and completely doing "Our Morals". The album released on November 4. The band took a short break from recording during the month of November and the majority of December, and focused more on writing new songs and posting on their now label's YouTube channel that you can read more about here. Their third album has gotten 5,260 streams as of March 1, 2017 on Soundcloud and YouTube. On December 3, it was announced that DPM's long time friend Jubal Young would be joining the band. After Young's introduction, it was announced the band would be releasing a b-side and demo album titled "The Wasted Archives: B-Sides & Demos". A single off the album titled "Pigeon" was released on December 13 that was entirely made by Young. On December 18, Russell left the band and the three later decided that night to start new projects. The b-sides album released the night of December 18, originally planned to release on January 9, 2017.

2017 Edit

January-Present: Best of Album + Final Song, New Bands, Blupanote Productions Edit

On January 9, the band's first anniversary since it's creation, they put out a best of album titled "Aktual Trashe - Best of the Worst" that also contains a new song titled "Where It All Ends", wrapping up the band. DPM and Russell thought it was fitting since the band's first song on their debut album was titled "Where It All Begins". After the ending of the band, DPM and Young started a new band titled "JADE_", Russell started "Insignia" which later ended in December of 2017, and continued working on his instrumental band "confessions". Aktual Trashe's YouTube channel was then changed to "Blupanote Productions", Russell's homemade label and music promotion channel that contains all of their new music as well as Aktual Trashe's old songs. The small group of friends still make vlogs and other videos on the channel. The comedic style fused with rap and ridiculous lyrics has influenced both of the new bands spawned from Aktual Trashe's end. At the end of February, DPM and Young's band JADE_ announced their breakup on Blupanote Productions' YouTube.

March-July: Band's Return Edit

On March 30, a picture was posted on Blupanote Productions' instagram teasing something with Aktual Trashe's logo. The picture was soon deleted the next day. The band was originally going to return with Russell and Beck, but it was later announced on May 26, 2017 on Blupanote Productions' YouTube and Instagram that the band would be returning with members Russell and Young. The video states they had an easy time working together and that it felt natural. The first song released was a short song titled "I Care a Lot" on May 28 on the band's SoundCloud and on June 2 on Blupanote Productions' YouTube. The song was going off an upcoming self titled album, but it was later decided the band wanted to try new things. On July 13, DPM rejoined the band.

August-November: Line Up Change, Difficulty with album, Beck & Russell Reunion + "Dankness" Edit

Between July when DPM was introduced back into the band and to late October, the band decided to skip a comedic self titled album and make a serious concept album but no work had been done with it for those months. It was decided to abandon the concept album for the time being and continue working on the comedic self titled album, which will be made without DPM. In early November, the band's full lengths were published on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and many other major music distributors. On November 16, on very short notice, Beck and Russell discussed following through with the previously mentioned album "Dankness", which was planned out in March. There were songs primarily written for the album by Russell that were going to be on the self titled, but instead were used on "Dankness". All of Beck's vocals were recorded on November 17 when he stopped by Russell's house for a night. Three tracks were completely finished that night, with Russell finishing instrumentals and vocals on the days following. This album is the shortest release length wise and track wise, with 9 new tracks and Russell and Young's song "I Care a Lot". The release is described as a "natural progression" by Russell. A majority of the tracks contain both Beck, and Russell's vocals unlike previous releases. The album released on November 26.

2018 Edit

January-August: Band's End Edit

With no activity for many months, the band was announced officially over in August on Blupanote's Instagram, along with the end of the YouTube channel Blupanote.

Influences Edit

The band's influences consisted of satire and comedic acts such as Pink Guy (FilthyFrankTV), Bo Burnham, The Lonely Island, blink-182, and Weird Al Yankovic.

Other Projects Edit

"confessions" - Brandon Russell (Indefinite Hiatus Since 2017)

"Insignia" - Brandon Russell

"Lil Bran" - Brandon Russell

"JADE_" - Donavon DPM and Jubal Young (Ended February 2017)

"Theory of Donavon" - Donavon DPM (Status Unknown)

"PxTOD" - Donavon DPM and Jubal Young (Status Unknown)

Discography Edit

"Take This As Seriously As We Did" May 24, 2016

"Simplistic Ideas" July 3, 2016

"The Mysterious Adventures" November 4, 2016

"The Wasted Archives: B-Sides & Demos" December 18, 2016

"Aktual Trashe - Best of the Worst" January 9, 2017

"Dankess" November 26, 2017

Members Edit

Brandon Russell - Production, composition, mixing, mastering, writing and vocals. January-December 2016, May 2017-August 2018

Donavon "DPM Salt Lord" - Writing, vocals, production and composition (The Mysterious Adventures, The Wasted Archives). January-June 2016, July-December 2016.

Wyhatt "Ykid" Beck - Writing, vocals. March-September 2016.

Jubal Young - Writing, vocals. December 2016, May 2017

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The Jubal Chronicles

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